Ask us Anything. Really!

When did the first Freebirds open?

The first Freebirds opened in Santa Barbara, California, in 1987. The first Freebirds in Texas opened in College Station in 1990.

Does Freebirds cater?

Freebirds offers full-service catering and large order delivery. Please contact 888-FWB-CATR (888-392-2287) or for more details.

Does Freebirds offer discounts or coupons?

Freebirds offers a great value for our product based on the quality and quantity of the meal provided, so we do not typically offer discounts or coupons. However, if your Fanatic Card is registered or you’re a “Friend” on Facebook, you’ll start receiving info on promotions, exclusive offers and other fun stuff.

How do I make a request for a donation or sponsorship?

For donation requests, please email and include “Donations” in the subject line.
For sponsorship requests, please email and include “Freebirds Sponsorships” in the subject line.

Does Freebirds offer franchise opportunities?

Yes, please visit for more information.

What forms of payment does Freebirds accept?

Freebirds accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and at limited locations, Aggie Bucks. Freebirds does not accept personal checks or Discover.

How do you purchase gift cards?

Gift cards can be purchased at any of our locations or online on our Gift Cards page. They are available in any denomination and the cards are re-loadable.

Does Freebirds offer a frequent buyer card or program?

Freebirds offers the Fanatics Rewards Program. Check with your local store manager for details and to get your card, or visit our Fanatics page.

Who builds your motorcycles?

Our choppers are proudly built by VooDoo Customs in Austin, Texas.

Who do I contact for school project information on Freebirds?

For information on Freebirds, please email and include “School Project” in the subject line.