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It’s Nacho Normal…

Hey Freebirds Fam, where did the time go? 2016 is almost over, so lets end it with a bang!

The holidays are officially here and we personally believe it’s never too early to start a party.

So take a step back, maybe even kick up your heels (or boots) and let our team serve your party with our full service catering options! If you can find a Freebirds, you can find Freebirds catering. We serve traditional boxed lunches, party platters and burrito or taco bars up to 10,000 guests (seriously).

We promise you, this is Nacho average catering!

Pro tip: Contact our catering specialist today to get the latest details on special holiday pricing now through Dec. 31st!






Unwrap the deal no mummy will fear! Stop by any Freebirds for a FREE kid’s meal with the purchase of any adult entrée from October 28th-October 31st. This halloweekend just got even tastier for your lil’ monsters!

Join the adventure by fueling your bodies with some of the freshest flavors on the block. We guarantee you can’t find these flavors in a candy bag!

 Here’s a tip: Be sure to download the Freebirds App to order and avoid the line when you arrive. Simply just pick-up and go!

No Kid Hungry

Dine Out to End Childhood Hunger

“No child should go hungry in America, but 1 in 5 kids will face hunger this year.”

During the month of September, Freebirds is proud to team up with No Kid Hungry, a leading non-profit organization, putting a stop to empty bellies and fighting childhood hunger all across America!

Our restaurants will participate in Dine Out for No Kid Hungry from September 1st – September 30th as we encourage guests to give and get back. With a $2 donation, guests will receive a free dessert on their next visit and with a $5 donation, guests will receive a free entrée with the purchase of an entrée that they can redeem on their next visit.

“Your donation helps feed children across the nation. Just $2 goes a long way in keeping their bellies full, fueling their bodies with nutrients, and readying their minds to learn.”
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.54.24 AM

Donate $2 = free dessert on next visit
Donate $5 = free entrée with the purchase of an entree on next visit

When you make a donation at the register, you will receive a No Kid Hungry Sticker and a voucher receipt that is printed with your general purchase receipt. We will require this voucher receipt to be present when guests choose to redeem their dessert or BOGO offer through December 31st at checkout.

Freebirds is very excited to start this venture through the month of September! We need your help to reach our goal and ensure that kids all across the United States start and end the day with a healthy meal. Let’s make our meals count; give and get back!

Please visit to learn more about Dine Out for No Kid Hungry and view all participating restaurants in your area.

Create Summers’ Best Burrito

The perfect summer bod is filled with a delicious burrito…and some creamy queso.

Summertime only comes around once a year. It’s your chance to exploit your taste buds and add freshness to the summer heat.

At Freebirds, we have the opportunity to choose the best ingredients and create an unforgettable and fresh experience for our guests. We’re serving up confidence in an honest culture with delicious meals that will leave you nothing less than a satisfied feeling.

We understand being on the ‘spot ‘can be somewhat intimidating after you’ve been asked “what else would you like?” Especially if there is a line of hungry guests waiting behind you. But our Tribe is there to help and suggest flavors you’ve never tried; we’re more than sure these tastes will hit the spot and create a memorable experience.

Our Tribe identified a few ingredients to add to your burrito that will not only spark some fresh summer zest, but will leave you savoring the best summer meal!


  • SEASONAL: Creamy Jalapeno
    • [Spice Level: 7] Inspired by local taco houses; jalapenos, garlic and cilantro are blended to perfection to create a vibrant and creamy texture with a medium to high heat. Be prepared! The heat of this salsa may vary according to the age and seed content of the jalapenos.


  • Salsa
    • [Spice Level: 5] Our House Salsa is like nothing you’ve ever tasted! Freshly chopped tomatoes with yellow onion, cilantro, serrano pepper and jalapenos; a tangy blend you need in your life.


  • Queso
    • [Spice Level: 4] Some may say, it’s what you actually find at the end of the rainbow. Our flavorful queso speaks to many as it perfectly combines pico de gallo, cilantro and jalapenos. Say hello to your new guilty pleasure!

corn salsa

  • Corn Salsa
    • [Spice Level: 3] Our delicious Fire-Roasted Corn Salsa recipe requires our Tribe Members to grill and shuck the corn everyday. Diving into this crisp combination will leave you wanting more and more…and more.

We love hearing from our guests! Tag us by sharing your photo on social media and let us know your thoughts on these tasty ingredients. Summer has never tasted so good!

Patriotic and Delicious


There’s nothing like a little independence; don’t you agree? When you’re at Freebirds, personality and freedom is what we serve best. We encourage our guests to choose any and all types of flavors along the food line to create their own masterpiece of deliciousness.

We don’t know about you, but the 4th of July is usually spent outdoors with your favorite red, white and blue getup, all to enjoy a fresh and delightful meal.

It goes without saying America’s birthday is a holiday you usually want to celebrate with friends and family. At Freebirds, we consider everyone family. We offer multiple opportunities for you and your guests to keep our All-American Burritos involved at your backyard cook-out.

This Independence Day, we want to help and eliminate your duty to prep and fire-up the grill.  Freebirds offers the perfect solution to ignite everyone’s taste buds with our customizable build-your-own burrito bar that can feed up to hundreds of hungry crowds.

You and your family deserve the best, and we’re here to serve the best. Complete your evening and create the perfect firework for your appetite with our great-tasting meals made from the freshest ingredients each day!

Skip the line and download the new Freebirds app today to receive a Free Freebird sized Burrito with a purchase of a 24 oz. drink.

Happy 4th of July!


Download the Freebirds App and earn a Free Burrito on us!


We’ve been gearing you up for something great, and it’s finally here! Freebirds is beyond excited to reveal the new Freebirds Mobile App available through Google Play and the App Store.

The Freebirds App will feature the All Access Rewards Program alongside online ordering, digital gift cards and more! You will not have to worry about losing or forgetting your Fanatics card, as all your information will be stored in the app. With the points you earn, you will have the opportunity to redeem an item under the Redeem Rewards list, such as free queso or guacamole, t-shirts, tote bags, a burrito party for 10, a mystery package and so much more!

We’ve been working hard to avoid losing any stamps our Fanatics have earned, and we’re proud to say all stamps are converted into points and will be loaded into your app. Just sign up for the app using the same email address as you used for your Fanatics membership and you will receive 10 points for every stamp you have!

In our All Access Rewards Program, we’ve made it easier for you to earn points. You will now receive 1 point for every $1 you spend before tax by simply using the built-in scanner through the app to scan the barcode on the receipt. Points can then be redeemed for delicious Freebirds meals, one-of-a-kind experiences and awesome Freebirds merchandise such as a tote bag, Freebirds shirt and sunglasses.

As you earn points, you will work towards tier levels based on your yearly spend: Indie, Headliner and Rockstar! As you continue to reach a higher tier, you will receive an exclusive reward as you climb the tier ladder to reach the end goal.

For our guests without smartphones, we made the rewards program accessible through our website at


Below are important instructions and benefits for downloading the new Freebirds App:

  1. Download the app from the Google Play store or App Store
  2. Sign up by using your email or Facebook account
  3. Every guest that downloads the app will receive an offer for a FREE regular entrée with a purchase of a 24 oz. drink
  4. Guests who sign up with their Facebook account will receive an additional 10 points to their rewards
  5. Guests must claim points by scanning the barcode on the receipt using the scanner in the Freebirds app within 72 hours of the purchase (Ex. $8.70 = 8 points)


Aside from our rewards program, we have also added a mobile ordering process to make picking-up quick and easy. In your Order Tab you will be able to start a new order, view your recent orders, and store/view your favorite orders to make your trip fast and simple!

The Freebirds App uses your current location to generate a list of restaurants that are closest to you. It will show a map of all Freebirds locations where the red markers represent a Freebirds restaurant. By clicking any red marker or listed restaurant, you will be directed to a details page showing the address, hours, and phone number for the location.

The launch of our Freebirds App is a big historic moment for Freebirds and we could not have done it without our Tribe and guests. Freebirds is so grateful for the amount of support and loyalty we’ve seen from our guests and we are proud to offer a great rewards program with features that truly benefits our fans.

Please feel free to reach out to our guest relations team if any questions about the new app arise, as our team will be more than happy to assist with any concerns.


#FBStreetKitchen rolls into the CMA Music Festival  



The #FBStreetKitchen took to the streets during Nashvilles’ biggest attraction of the year, the CMA Music Festival!

The CMA Music Festival is a four-day event focused around country music and hosted by the Country Music Association in Nashville, TN.  Country fans from all over the world gather to the well-known music city to experience a country celebration with approximately 88,500 fans each day.

Our Freebirds Tribe was fortunate to meet fans from all over the U.S., Canada, Belgium and even re-united with loyal Texas A&M College Station alumni.  Through social media, guests expressed their excitement to visit the #FBStreetKitchen to finally get a taste of what’s to come.


Aside from participating in a world-known event, our best memory from the CMA Fest was witnessing guests react to our high quality ingredients. We didn’t hold back on the opportunity to educate the line on what it’s like in the kitchen; each meal made from scratch every day and sourcing local ingredients whenever possible.

We are more than certain that Nashville, TN is ready for us to open our home restaurant, and it truly showed during this CMA Music Festival. Nashville, get ready, we cannot wait to serve you!




The Freebirds Street Kitchen Is Here!

NOW SERVING: Burritos on Wheels


Freebirds Final-2514

It was only a matter of time before we decided to bring our delicious flavors to the streets. We are beyond excited to roll out our new concept serving guests on-the-go!

The #FBStreetKitchen made its official debut this past weekend at the 2016 Lone Star Jam in Austin, TX where it served burritos, tacos, tostadas and burrito bowls. Lone Star Jam exceeded our expectations as we experienced the full potential of our new venture.

On Route 66

The food truck includes a state-of-the-art kitchen that ensures a top-notch experience that we’ve served up for nearly 30 years. Our use of high-quality ingredients such as grilled poultry, superior steak and sautéed whole vegetables will remain an essential part of our commitment to excellence.

Our mobile eatery will serve much of what the Freebirds’ brick and mortar restaurants offer currently. Our team will be able to accommodate all of our guests by offering an all-veggie or vegan menu during special events.

castle hills

#FBStreetKitchen is now on its way to take a nationwide journey visiting many of its restaurants throughout the U.S.  Stay tuned and follow us through our Blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for dates and locations.

Quality You Can Count On

SteakAndTortilla_Blog copy

Quality You Can Count On

Our foundation is freshness. You can see it every day in our kitchens, where we use the best ingredients in our fresh-from scratch recipes. Since 1987, we’ve been sourcing locally whenever possible and only using ingredients that reflect our commitment to culinary excellence. You’ll never find a freezer in any of our kitchens and we pride ourselves in executing classic culinary techniques when preparing meals for our guests and their families.

This commitment to quality is never ending and has led us to new improvements. We are proud to introduce our new, fresher tortillas with a cleaner ingredient list and our new superior cut of sirloin steak. Visit your nearest Freebirds location and taste the upgrade in quality for yourself!