At FREEB!RDS, there are over 35 trillion ridiculously fresh and tasty combinations and about as many reasons to come join our fantastic and enthusiastic tribe. We offer, hands down, the most refreshing environment to come to work in each day, and our aggressive growth plan means there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow, thrive and enjoy a rewarding career with FREEB!RDS. We encourage you to be you, right down to your latest ink, piercing or 'do.


Think you’re ready to be the “Jefe (aka Manager) on Duty” or join our crew in the field? Before we give you the gig, we’ll need to make sure this isn’t your first trip to the rodeo (ie. you’ve had prior restaurant experience).

Available Management Positions:

Restaurant Support Center

The unique atmosphere and rockin' vibe at Freebirds wouldn't be what it is today without our group of relentlessly enthusiastic people behind the scenes. We're a talented, friendly and unique bunch that are just as excited and passionate about the Freebirds brand as our Fanatics are. Freebirds has quadrupled over the past five years, and we're just getting started. If you're as passionate about the Freebirds brand as we are, we'd love to hear from you!

Available RSC Positions:


Just ask any one of our Tribe members and they’ll tell you…FREEB!RDS is simply an awesome place to work. The teamwork, sense of community, free-spirited vibe and fantastic career opportunities are just a few of the many reasons FREEB!RDS is one sweet place to roll.

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