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Our passion is your burrito.

It all started in ’87 near the beach in Santa Barbara, California when two ex-hippies figured out how to roll some awesome burritos using fresh-chopped veggies, house-made rice and beans, and of course, grass-fed beef and all-natural chicken.

Students at UC Santa Barbara quickly adopted FREEBIRDS as their own. Four years later, FREEBIRDS rolled into College Station, Texas where the Aggies at A&M got a taste of the soon-to-be legendary FREEBIRD & Monster burritos. And today, FREEBIRDS is spreading its wings and expanding across the country.

Four sizes of Burrito with four flavors of tortilla. Nachos built from house-made chips. Salads made from spring mix and topped with ancho or tomatillo dressing. Fresh. Natural. Scratch-made on the daily. That’s the way FREEBIRDS rolls.

Don’t forget to look for Libby (the Statue of Liberty) riding a custom-built motorcycle while breaking through the Freedom Wall. Experience the free-spirited ambiance with a rockin’ soundtrack.

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