Born in California. Raised in Texas.

Freebirds World Burrito made its name (derived from the Lynyrd Skynyrd song Free Bird) as a hardworking entity in the Golden and Lone Star States many moons ago.

Humble Beginnings

Created in California back in '87, Freebirds later became a favorite in Aggieland (better known as College Station, Texas) and quickly expanded as our creators discovered they weren’t alone in their quest for a restaurant that satisfied their hunger better than the confinements of a typical burger-and-fries joint. They wanted something more appetizing but, most importantly, a lot of options.

Life, Libby & the Pursuit of Tastiness

Since then, Freebirds has expanded its rock music-inspired locations to cover a large portion of the western United States. We’ve firmly planted our headquarters in Austin, operating more than 100 locations, 60 of which are based in Texas.

Feeding the Belly & the Soul

Freebirds’ mission to feed the belly and the soul continues to this very day. With continued growth on the horizon, our dedication to providing quality experiences at mealtime and in between remains standard.

Gaining Momentum

Freebirds was recently ranked one of the top fast-casual brands in the nation by Backed by Tavistock Group (our parent company), Freebirds is poised for continued growth due to the dedication of our Tribe and passion of our customers. Stay tuned for more information on our progress.

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